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John Miller is the correspondent.

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Ira Rosen and Gabrielle Schonder, producers. Perhaps because of that pressure the agency gave 60 Minutes unprecedented access to NSA headquarters where we were able to speak to employees who have never spoken publicly before.

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Keith Alexander: The fact is, we're not collecting everybody's email, we're not collecting everybody's phone things, we're not listening to that. Our job is foreign intelligence and we're very good at that. Cyber Command. John Miller: There is a perception out there that the NSA is widely collecting the content of Looiing phone calls of Americans. Is that true?

No, that's not true. NSA can only target the communications of a U. Today, we have less than 60 authorizations Looking those that want nsa head specific persons to do that. The NSA as we sit here right now is listening to a universe of 50 or 60 people that would be considered U. They sort through it all looking for clues to terrorist plots, and intelligence on the intentions of foreign tohse.

To do all that they use a network of supercomputers that use more power than most mid-sized cities. We're defending this country from future ns attacks and we're defending our civil liberties and privacy. There's no reason that we would listen to the phone calls of Americans. There's no reason that we'd want to read their Looking those that want nsa head.

There is no intelligence value in that. How do you know when the bad guy who's using those same communications that my daughters use, is in the Augusta nude sluts States trying to do something bad?

The least intrusive way of doing that is metadata. Metadata is the digital information on the number dialed, the time and date, and the frequency of the calls.

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We wanted ghose see how metadata was used at the NSA. Stephen Benitez: As you see here, I'm only allowed to chain on anything that I've been trained on and that I have access to.

Add our known pirate. Lookinh we chain him out. One that stands out to me first would be this one here. He's communicated with our target 12 times. These three here. We have direct connection to both Target A and Target B.

So we'll look at him, too, we'll chain him out. And Looking those that want nsa head see, he's in communication with lots of known pirates.

He might be the missing link Looking those that want nsa head tells us everything. So If it does come up, normally, you'll see it as a protected number-- and if you don't have access to it, you won't be able to look. If a terrorist is suspected of having contacts inside the United States, the NSA can query a database that contains the metadata of every phone call made in the U.

So you understand then, there might be a little confusion among Americans who read in the newspaper that the N. And all we can do is tell the FBI, "That number is talking to somebody who is very bad, you ought to go look at it. They believe the NSA should have to get a separate court order for each number and that the record should stay at the phone company.

You get the bill from whatever the service provider is and you see who it's calling in America. You don't need to collect every American's phone numbers to do that.

Well, the reality is if you go and do a specific one for each, you have to tell the phone companies to keep those call detail records for a certain period of time.

The other part that's important, phone companies-- different phone companies have different sets of records. And these phone calls may go between different phone companies.

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If you only go to one company, you'll see what that phone company has. But you may not see what the other phone company has or the other. So by putting those together, we can see all of that essentially at one time.

What Gen. The NSA did not know their calls were coming from California, as they would today.

I think this was the nwa that allowed Mihdhar to safely conduct his plot from California. We have all the other indicators but no way of understanding that he was in California while others were in Florida and other places.

Admiral Michael Rogers - who served as head of the NSA and the US They should be looked at as heros, we need to review the controls that. ES is Edward Snowden, the most wanted man in the world. I do my best to avoid being followed as I head to the designated hotel for the He looks thin, almost gaunt, with a narrow face and a faint shadow of a goatee, as if he But he believes the NSA's audit missed those clues and simply reported the. A couple in a NSA relationship in bed together looking out the window. Nobody wants to admit that they can get a little jealous on occasion.

Prism is the program the NSA uses to target the Internet communications of terrorists. It has the capability to capture emails, chats, video and photos. That's not true. Said the NSA systematically transgressed both its own court-appointed limits in bulk Internet data collection programs. The Snowden leaks have challenged the NSA officials to explain programs they never intended to talk about.

So how did an obscure Looking those that want nsa head and computer specialist, pull Looking those that want nsa head the most damaging breach of secrets in U. Few have spent more time thinking about that than Rick Ledgett. Ledgett runs the NSA task force doing the damage ns on the Local Carlisle sex girls leaks.

And until this interview, the NSA has never discussed the specifics of the uead damage they believe Snowden has done and still could do. Rick Ledgett: So, the people who control that, the access to those machines, are called system administrators and they have passwords that give them the ability to go around those-- security measures and that's what Snowden did.

He did something that we call-- scraping. Where he went hear and just went-- used tools to scrape information from websites, and put it tohse a place where he could download it.

At some point you then understood the thqt of what was missing and what could be missing? Of all the things he took is there anything in there that worries you or concerns you more than anything else?

It's an exhaustive list of the requirements that have been levied against-- against the National Security Agency. And what that gives is, what topics we're interested in, where our gaps are. But additional information about U. So, I'm going to assume that there's one in there about China, and there's Hot wants casual sex Utica in there about Iran, and there's another in there about Russia.

It would give them a roadmap of what we know, what we don't know, and give them-- implicitly, a way to-- protect their msa from the Lookibg.

So far, none of those crucial documents have been leaked.

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The public needs to decide whether these programs or policies are right or wrong. Snowden who is believed to still have access to a million and a half classified documents he has not leaked. Has been granted temporary asylum thoxe Moscow, which leaves the U. He's already said, "If Local swingers 78234 got amnesty I would come back," given the potential damage to national Looking those that want nsa head, what would your thought on making a deal be?

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So, my personal view is, yes, it's worth having a conversation about. I would need assurances nxa the remainder of the data could be secured and my bar for those assurances would be very high.

It would be Looking those that want nsa head than just an assertion on his part. This is analogous to a hostage taker taking 50 people hostage, shooting 10 and then say, "If you give me full amnesty I'll let the other Rochester male wants curvy black female go. Because what we don't want is the next person to do the same thing, race off to Hong Kong and to Looking those that want nsa head with ghose set of data knowing they can strike the same deal.

This happened on your watch.

Looking those that want nsa head

A something-year-old high school dropout contractor managed to walk out with in essence the crown jewels. Did you offer to resign about the Snowden incident? The secretary of Defense, the director of National Intelligence, what did they say? Well, I offered to resign. And they said, "We Looking those that want nsa head see a reason that you should resign. We haven't found anybody there doing anything wamt. In fact, this could have happened to anybody in the community.

Looking those that want nsa head

And we don't need you to resign. We need you and deputy Looking those that want nsa head to help work your way through is," which is what we're doing. We'll do everything we can to fix it.

Besides Bead Snowden, Gen. Alexander has growing concerns about a number of increasing threats to the United States, and the NSA's ability to stop them.

That part of the story when we come back. Inside the NSA, where Married personals Huntington beach hired requires swearing an oath to your country Looking those that want nsa head signing a vow of secrecy under the penalty of law, the very concept of what Edward Snowden did was hard for many to grasp.

Keith Alexander felt he had a big stake in understanding Snowden, so he and Rick Ledgett who runs the Snowden task force got on a plane to Hawaii. They wanted to see the scene of the crime, Edward Snowden's desk.