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Looking for a good time sat nite

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Lets focus on the simple things first though. Does your partnerloverhusband notice when you change your hair or appearance. I LoVE LOVE LOVE to give oral so please be clean.

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Looking for a good time sat nite in. Arthur Seaton: Mam called me barmy when I told her I fell of a gasometer for a bet. But I'm not barmy, I'm a fighting pit prop that wants a pint of beer, that's me.

But if any knowing bastard says that's me I'll tell them I'm a dynamite dealer waiting to blow the factory to kingdom come.

Wants Sexy Dating Looking for a good time sat nite

I'm me and nobody else. Whatever people say I am, that's what I'm not because they don't know a bloody thing about me! God knows what I am. Don't let the bastards grind you down! Look I'll go and see me Aunt Ada, she'll know what to do, she's had 14 kids of her own Looking for a good time sat nite I'm sure she's got rid of as many others. What I'm out for is a good time - all the rest is propaganda!

They have a television set and a packet of fags, but they're both dead from the neck up. What did you do that for? I don't know, just felt like it I suppose.

Maybe one of those houses will be for us. I know. You shouldn't throw things like that. It won't be the last one I'll throw. Gooc duck, let's go down!

Sharp, ain't he. Hime it somebody's birthday? It's Mum's anniversary if you want to know. I can't see your dad. That's because he's not there. Well, is he coming?

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I shouldn't think so, he left her 15 years ago today and she's just having a drink on it. Well I'm glad someone thinks it's funny. What's your name then duck?

Doreen, rotten name ain't it. What's wrong with it? Mine's Arthur, neither of them's up to much but it's not our fault, is it. What do you do in the week Doreen, do you ever go to pictures?

Only on Wednesday, why? That's funny, I go on Wednesday n'all.

Which one you go to? The Granby, as a rule. I'll see you next Wednesday then at 7. Fast worker aren't you.

All right, but not on the back row. Nine hundred and fifty four, nine hundred and fifty bloody five.

Looking Teen Fuck

Another few more and that's the lot for a Friday. I'll have a fag in a bit, no use working every minute God sends. I could get through in half the time if I went like a bull, but they'd only goodd my wages so they can get stuffed! I noticed that girl myself this morning, smashing bit of stuff.

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I shouldn't think she'd want aught to do with a madhead like you though. They all want a good time you Looking for a good time sat nite bet. Brother home for long? There's one thing about him though, you know, he'll always help me if I'm in any sort of trouble. If anyone does aught against me, I can always rely on him. I was with him and his pal once and we set on a bloke I timd want to Lookinng aught like that again.

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Aye but Horny women from Bahamas like that should be careful though, never to pick on the wrong bloke. Tood saw a fight like that once, this was with two soldiers an' all. They set on to a bloke and he wiped the floor with the both of them. It was horrible, blood all over the place, I goood to turn me 'ead away. It's not the first time that bastard's called me a red though.

Not that I wouldn't vote communist if I thought it would get rid of blokes Looking for a good time sat nite him. That's what all these looney laws are for, to be broken by blokes like us.

You might cop it Cincinnati Ohio lonely housewives of these days. Of all the liars, you're the biggest I've ever known. I always was a liar, a good 'un and all. Liars don't prosper. Hey Arthur, Looking for a good time sat nite a time we had last night. It seems years Pour us some more tea duck, it's thirsty work falling down stairs. Two ain't it. You're good to me Brenda, love, and don't think I don't appreciate it.

I dunno, work next week. I'll be hard at it, sweating me guts out at Looking for a good time sat nite lathe. It's a hard life if you don't weaken. How's Johnny getting on in Australia? Aunt Ada: Well you know Arthur, I reckon Johnny's a lot better off out there, he never did well tjme this country, sa he. Nitf, he always was a good worker though, I know that. Them was rotten days.

I know, it won't happen nitf though, I can tell you that. I was talking to a bloke the other day at the pit, he's always going on you know 'you can't beat the good old days'. So I got 'old of me pick and I said to him - 'you tell me anything else about gooc good old days as you call them and I'll split your stupid head open' - I would too. I take a tip from the fishes, never bite unless the bait's good. I won't get married till I'm good and ready.

Look at him, he can't take his eyes off that young girl over there. Not me, I'm courting already. I was looking at the Looking for a good time sat nite.

I believe you. What's that black stuff you're drinking, it looks like treacle.

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Beer and stout, try a drop. No thanks, I think I tasted it once but it glod horrible. Well, I'm not a boozer either but I'm going fishing this afternoon and I like a drop beforehand. Where do you work then Doreen? Harrison's, the hairnet factory, I've been there ever since I left school. It costs too much to get married, a lump sum down and your wages a week for life.

Most blokes Horny girls Cessnock got aught else to work for, have they?

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning () - Albert Finney as Arthur - IMDb

I have though. I work for the factory, the income tax and the insurance already, that's enough for a bit.

They rob you right, left and centre. After they've skinned you dry you get called up to the army and get shot to death. That's how things are Arthur, no good going crackers over it.

All you can do is go on working and hope that some day something good will turn up. Yes, yes it's yours right enough.